Talking to Alison Griffiths

Alison Griffiths podcast (We apologize for the quality of this recording.) Hi, my name is Sheryl Smolkin. I’m a lawyer and a journalist. Today I’m pleased to be continuing the Saskatchewan Pension Plan’s series of interviews with financial experts. My guest is Alison Griffiths. Today I am going to ask Alison to share with us … Continue reading Talking to Alison Griffiths

Pension Plan vs. RRSP

By Sheryl Smolkin Although you require RRSP contribution room to make contributions to the Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP), there are some fundamental differences between this pension plan and an RRSP. One key distinction is that funds you contribute to the SPP are locked-in until you choose to retire from the plan between ages 55 to … Continue reading Pension Plan vs. RRSP

Separating retirement myths from reality

By Sheryl Smolkin In the first two months of every year, oceans of words are written trying to help people understand why retirement savings is important and how best to grow their money. However, a recent TD Poll reveals Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents still have a variety of misconceptions about their retirement finances, from when … Continue reading Separating retirement myths from reality

Talking to Katherine Strutt

Katherine Strutt podcast Interview Transcript My name is Sheryl Smolkin. I am a pension and benefits lawyer and journalist. Today I’m kicking off our series of interviews with the people behind the scene at the Saskatchewan Pension Plan. I’m talking to Katherine Strutt, the General Manager of the Plan. Welcome Katherine. Thanks Sheryl. Q. Who … Continue reading Talking to Katherine Strutt