Mar 25: Best from the blogosphere

March 25, 2013

By Sheryl Smolkin


Our best favourite bloggers continue to explore a number of interesting themes this week.

On Boomer & Echo, we hear from Boomer this week about How Her Retirement Plans Got Derailed – Big Time, and what her options may be to get back on track.

The Blunt Bean Counter is an accountant and this week he presents valuable information on stress testing your finances so you are protected in the event of death or other unforeseeable events.

When you purchase real estate is resale value important to you? Then read what shethinksimcheap has to say about how future transit plans can affect real estate.

Last week we talked about job hunting strategies. When you land a new position, you will be interested in Anne Levy-Ward’s new job survival guide on Brighter Life.

And finally, although you got a new job with a huge salary jump, you may wonder why you don’t seem to be able to save more. Krystal Yee calls it lifestyle inflation and discusses how you can manage it.

Do you follow blogs with terrific ideas for saving money that haven’t been mentioned in our weekly “Best from the blogosphere?”  Send us an email with the information to so*********@sa*********.com and your name will be entered in a quarterly draw for a gift card.

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