Jun 1: Best from the blogosphere

June 1, 2015

By Sheryl Smolkin

I’m back at my desk, after a super 4-day weekend visiting my daughter’s family in Ottawa. Although we just missed the end of the tulip festival, all the lilacs were in bloom and residents of Canada’s capital were running, biking, having picnics and eating on patios. There is no doubt that summer is the time when Canadians take advantage of the longer days and beautiful weather to move both their social life and their fitness routines outdoors.

Sarah Snowden blogging on Canadian Living identifies five inspirational blogs that deliver a demonstrated authority and passion for a healthy, active lifestyle. We reproduce her top picks below.

  1. BC Runner
    Vancouver-based freelance writer and running advocate Usha Krishnan dishes up tips on everything from jogging, sprinting, and breathing techniques to running in the rain. It has a user-friendly design with useful diagrams and inspiring photos.
  2. Bicycling Blogger
    Cycling enthusiast Kevin Rokosh drives home tips on all things cycle including nutrition, racing, recovery, training, equipment — even “bikertainment”. For those looking to take their cycling up a notch, you will find this site takes a not-so-serious yet informative approach to cover all the bases.
  3. Gluten-Free Guidebook
    Travel journalist Hilary Davidson serves up reviews of restaurants, shops, hotels and products targeted at travelers with celiac disease (in which gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley, damages the small intestine), and gluten intolerance. Avid travelers seeking a gluten-free experience will love this well-written account of Canadian and international destinations – you’ll be surprised by the number of establishments that are gluten-free.
  4. Cyclemania
    Founded in 2004 by Les and Helen Faber of Ottawa, Cyclemania features the pair’s exploration of scenic routes and provides a broad overview of cycle related issues. The blog imparts invaluable information on community, equipment, racing, safety, cycle experiences abroad and at home, and even spinning through posts, forums, videos and vibrant photos.
  5. Teaching Kids Yoga
    Toronto yoga teacher Aruna Humphrys spreads good karma with tips on helping kids to relax, be healthy, and enhance relationships through the practice of yoga. Posts inform readers about the latest yoga-related DVDs, books, and teaching techniques for teachers and parents alike.

And finally, Breaking barriers: Canadian-Muslim women and fitness is an interesting discussion of how barriers that have kept some Muslim women from participating in organized sports are finally crumbling in Canada. Shireen Ahmed who played on the University of Toronto’s varsity soccer squad is featured.

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