Feb 18: Best from the blogosphere

February 18, 2013

By Sheryl Smolkin


As we contemplate retirement somewhere down the road, most of us are probably focused on how to save enough money. However, deciding how we are going to spend our time is equally important.

Dave Dineen on Brighter Life says if you have debt you are not ready to retire and provides a check-list for a debt-free retirement.

$he Thinks I’m Cheap blogger Andrew suggests that in addition to investing in stocks and bonds, planning how you will use your time, skills and health are three critical areas that should not be ignored when creating a retirement budget.

On Retire Happy, Donna McCaw discusses how planning retirement is a little like planning a honeymoon. You have to think about what happens after the first few months.

Guest blogger Robert writes on Canadian Dream: Free at 45 that since he retired he is busier than ever, volunteering, training for a triathlon and taking courses towards a Masters degree in Education at the University of Calgary.

And finally, readers of all ages will be interested Boomer & Echo’s 20 tips to save money on gas. But be wary of companies that try to sell you mileage-improving devices and fuel additives.

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