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  1. I cannot imagine why SPP would publish such an inaccurate and misleading post as this. This ‘information’ is nothing but a vauge reference to a newspaper column written by someone in the financial ‘industry’ referencing the claim of ‘experts’ who, of course ,are also in the business of ‘investing’ your hard earned money for the benefit of their business, not for you.
    These numbers are a wild exaggeration and generalization, and are completely out of reach for a majority of average income earners, They are in fact dramatically in excess of what we will actually need. Instead of fear mongering, SPP would better serve its clients [and potential clients] by relating realistic retirement scenarios.
    I am very dissapointed, and I hope SPP can do better in the future.

    You might start by presenting a contrarion opinion, such as found in these web posts;





    1. Thanks to a Tony for providing us all further thought-provoking comments and reading on the topic of how much to save for retirement. We value this input.

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